Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested into receiving our offer, contact us on info@mn-ograje.si with the following details:

  • Estimated length (in meters),
  • Desired type of the fence,
  • Exact address (calculation of travel expenses),
  • Picture of an area or surface, where fence would be mounted on.

The offer will be prepared as soon as possible. The offer received is informative and non-binding.

Piece of cake. Email us on info@mn-ograje.si  with your contact details and address and ask about professional counselling and/or date available for measurement.

Of course. An information about the length of desired fence, type of fence and exact address will suffice. Our fitters will bring along enough of material and measure the actual length after installation, on the strength of which the balance sheet will be prepared.

  • Easy to clean,
  • Excellent anti-fingerprint performance,
  • Reasonably priced,
  • Splendid resistance to weather,
  • Everlasting lifespan.
  • After having received the advance, we settle on the date of the assembly,
  • On the given date our fitter come and measure the surface, where the fence will be mounted on,
  • They divide the surface into even sections,
  • The holes are drilled with diamond drill, in which the anchors are inserted and filled with two-component anchor mass,
  • The fence is constructed,
  • After the finished assembly, the fence is given a close look at to see, if everything is mounted as planned,
  • Our fitters clean after themselves and cause no need for your cleaning afterwards.

Most of our fences can be seen in our showroom at our sales point.

Terms of payment depend on the demands of our clients. You can settle the full amount by paying advance or only a part of it. We are open to other suggestions, since we would like to fully adjust to your wishes and needs. Our settle procedure of payment is:

  • Part of the full amount is settled by advance,
  • The rest of the amount is payed after the assembly is finished.

Of course. Different types of fences can be randomly combined. Moreover, we are open to unique wishes and suggestions. If your suggestion meets the terms of realization, we will make an effort and realize your product.

Aluminum fences demand slightest maintenance possible. The fence is everlasting and does need any additional polish, coloring or waxing.

Not at all. Aluminum fences are resistant to all weather conditions, including UV rays, severe cold, heat and moisture, which is their main advantage. It is also suitable for coastal places due to great salt-resistance.

Aluminum could be easily labelled as the metal of the present and the future. Pure aluminum (99.5%) is resistant to corrosion and almost every acid, therefore it can be used in almost every field. The use of aluminum is common for car and plane industry, shipbuilding, civil engineering and lately food and pharmaceutical industry as well. Aluminum is the most common metal in Earth’s crust. It is extracted in two phases – by producing bauxite and then producing primary aluminum with thermal electrolysis. Characteristics given below distinguish aluminum to the extent of successfully supplanting other materials such as wood, plastics, paper, steel, cooper, etc. The characteristics of aluminum are:

  • Low specific weight (2.7g/cm³), which provides fuel savings during transportation due to lower weight of vehicles.
  • Resistance to the effect of atmosphere – aluminum products do not corrode and therefore lower the adaptation and maintenance costs.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity,
  • Specific mechanical features – ability to formation and transformation,
  • Wide range of possible combinations of aluminum alloy with other metals,
  • Resistance to corrosion – aluminum reacts slowly with water and oxygen,
  • Magnetic neutrality,
  • Non-toxic and health irreproachableness
  • Long lifespan
  • Reusable – 100% recyclable

Anodizing is a method of superficial metal processing for additional protection from oxidation. It is an electrochemical process by which artificial oxide is made on the negative electric pole – anode. In a nutshell, this is an accelerated oxidation of aluminum, which creates compact and concrete layer on a surface of the metal. The main purpose of anodizing is to improve chemical and mechanical features of the material, since the material becomes firmer and has better chemical resistance after this procedure.

  • An even look of the surface,
  • Prevention of corrosion,
  • The surface repels dirt,
  • Decorative look,
  • Smooth surface,
  • The surface is resistant to scratches and has low coefficient of friction,
  • Electrically insulated surface,
  • The surface is appropriate for adhesion of glues and colors.

The item that we wish to anodize, first needs to be degreased. For degreasing are often used industrial oil removers and gasoline.

When the item is completely degreased and dry, it is dipped into sodium hydroxide solution. This solution removes all oil leftovers and simultaneously lightens the surfaces of anodized item.

The next step is deoxidation, which is most commonly used for aluminum products. During the process the removal of various oxides or copper and silicon is happening.

In the next phase comes the actual anodizing. The material, being the aluminum in our case, is joined into electrical circuit as anode. Electrolyte is usually composed of diluted sulfuric acid (25-35%) at room temperature.


During the process of anodic oxidation, oxygen atoms pass through to the surface of the material. Oxygen binds with aluminum and the coating of aluminum oxide with many pores is made. Process goes on until the desired thickness of oxide coating is obtained.

The result is anodized item in silver color.

To get the smooth surface, the pores need to be filled with wax. The item is processed in pure water at 95-98°C. The volume increases and the pores close. Oxide coating obtained during the process is transparent. Coloring the item with organic or inorganic pigment provides different color shades of the item.

The stability of the fence depends mainly on its attachment and accurate installation. Our fences are always mounted safely and firmly. If we evaluate, that the fence cannot be safely mounted due to different causes or your suggestion opposes safe installation, you will be previously warned.

Stairway fence must be at least 90cm high, whereas the fences on the balcony, terraces or any similar areas, lying higher that 45cm above the surroundings, must be at least 100cm high.

Stainless steel can be described in many ways. Stainless steel is a steel annoy, based on at least 50 mass percent of iron with at least 10 mass percent of chromium in its structure. The most important feature and advantage of stainless steel is resistance to corrosion. The bigger the percentage of chromium in alloy, the higher the resistance to corrosion.

It is advisable to mount the fence at the last stage of construction, after all constructional work has been finished. On your explicit demand, the fence can also be mounted sooner.

  • Previously mounted fence would obstruct the final constructional work.
  • The fence could be harmed during the harsh constructional work.
  • The fence could be tarnished during the final constructional work.
  • The area of the attachment in most cases does not provide the possibility to be esthetically processed.

Of course. At the placement of the fence, which includes glass surfaces, we use 8mm thick toughened glass with safety blunt edges. In the case of free-standing fences without the frame, toughened glass, composed of two 6mm thick glass panes, is used. If necessary and desired, we can also use toughened glass, composed of two 8mm or 10mm thick glass panes.

Cleaning the aluminum fence could need get any easier. You wipe the fence with cleaning cloth and water and your fence is clean. In the case of stubborn dirt (wall paint, varnish…), you can also use nitro diluter.

Metal is the most useful material for formation. It can be cut, bent, pressed and carved. Due to the latter features, the fence can be fully adjust to your demands and wishes.