Aluminum fences

High quality with certification

Resistant to all weather conditions

Adjustable and quick assembly

No maintenance and fingerprints

Our family company MN GROUP Ltd. produces and mounts aluminum railing systems, suitable for residential houses and business facilities. During the adaptations and mounting the systems to new buildings, our project leaders, investors and individuals always choose everlasting materials, that need no maintenance and are overall modern looking and aesthethic. Aluminum railings provide every single feature mentioned.

Aluminum railings are suitable for coastal places due to their great resistance to salt and rust. 

Our exterior and interior aluminum fences are made of high-quality eloxed, cut and anodized aluminum. Because of their visual and safety effects, they are appropriate for placement of balconies or patios, exterior and interior staircases, swimming pools, surroundings of the house and bussiness facilities.

In comparison to traditional inox railings, aluminum railings are distinguished by lighter weight and screwed composition. Besides the latter advantages, their appearance is identical to inox fences. Another plus are aesthetic and safety. Unlike inox fences, aluminum fences require no special maintenance or cleaning.

Aluminum railings are resistant to UV rays, cold, heat and other extreme weather conditions. 

They are composed of high-quality profiles and for this reason appropriate for either mounting into floor or from side, depending on individual wishes.

We completely adjust to your personal wishes concerning the shape and type of the fence and leave you a free choice of the number of vertical or horizontal crossbars. Fences can be combined with either glass, PVC glass, wood elements, sheet metal or any other material.

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