Balcony fences

Balcony fences give your house an aestethic look and safety, because they are made after precise safety standards. Our company MN GROUP D.O.O produces and mounts balcony fences, suitable for all residential houses and business facilities.

Our interior and exterior balcony fences are made from high-quality eloxed, cut and anodized aluminum.

They are appropriate for the placement of balconies and patios due to their visual and safety reasons.

The fences can be mouted into the floor or into the side plane with side brackets. The peculiarity of our fences is quick assembly, adjustability, light weight and safety.

Fences defy all weather conditions. Fingerprints don’t stick to the surface of the fence and no special maintenance is required.

We completely adjust to your individual wishes concerning the shape of the fence and leave you free choice of the number of horizontal and vertical crossbars. We offer the possibility of combining the fence with wood elements, glass, PVC glass and other materials.

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