Fences for prefab houses

Prefabricated houses are getting more and more popular. Their way of constructing enables composition of prior made elements and moving in is possible in 2 to 3 months from acquisition of planning permission. Due to the possibility of moving in as soon as possible, an interest in prefab houses increased as well as development of prefab building contractors. Most of the investors wish appearance of their home would follow the latest trends and the fence contributes a lot to a modern appearance of every home.

Our company strives to produce fences suitable for every home and for this reason, the opportunity to cooperate with prefab building constructors means a lot to us. Despite the wooden construction of prefab building, we offer a system of fence attachment that will ensure same firmness as installation into concrete.

We offer 2 procedures of attachment – standard and sideways. Attaching a fence to a prefab house sideways goes like this: At the time of the measurement on your facility, we advise you on the type and location of the fence that would suit you the best and arrange the date of the assembly. At the arranged location, our fitters drill a certain amount of holes, that will suffice for firmness of your fence. Spax screws are attached to the holes and threaded rods are soldered on the end of the screws. When screws and rods are placed into the wall of the prefab house, the fence is mounted on threaded rods. The procedure of standard attachment differs in location of fastening the pillars. In this case, pillars are attached into the floor with spax screws, that hold brackets for pillars.

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