Structural glass

Walk-on Glass

Structural glass, walk-on surfaces give a divine feeling of walking on the air.

You can choose a completely transparent glass, that ensures a clear view on the space under the glass roof, or matte glass, that offers a sense of greater security and lets through considerably more light than other walk-on materials.

Structural glass surfaces are made of three-ply safely glued etch glass. The thickness of the glass depends on the desired way of use, fastening and expected load.

Basic glasses can be either transparent, matte or processed with screen printing, which ensures anti-slip effect of the upper layer.

Moreover, you can choose your own motif printed on intermediate layer of glass, which makes your living area truly unique.

Additionally, LED lighting can be settled in the edges of the glass, if that is possible in the terms of the assembly. LED lighting brightens your path on every step and livens up your inner space.

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